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PandoConnect - A social media to share, inspire and fight the pandemic together 🏗️

Building is Social Media Platform to connect Covid-19 patients and their families to support, spread awareness, and motivate. ✨ Hackathon Winner ✨

4 min read22 Jun, 2020

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PandoConnect: - A social media to share, inspire and fight the pandemic together 🤝

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COVID19 Hack Challenge

Theme of the Hackathon:
Build and Hack to inform, connect, and communicate. Together.

More about the hackathon

What is PandoConnect?

A platform created to share the experience of those Covid-19 survivors. In such a time when we browse about this virus and only get to see how it is affecting us badly every day, this platform will help to boost the mental strength of people all over the globe. Over here anyone who is potentially a Covid19 patient or has recovered from it can help people get aware of the virus by sharing their experience and positive thoughts. People who might not be a patient but are someway connected to them can also post over here, this will help people remain connected globally. If you are neither a patient nor a survivor nor even a close acquaintance to them, don't worry you can also come here and view these blogs. These blogs can any day spread positivity that we can share in these times of crisis.

When all we have right now is to search and get distressed about the situation around us, this platform will help you fight back by seeing how people have globally fought back against this invisible enemy. This platform which is meant for connecting and sharing the experience of Covid19 patients can give you hints about how you can stay safe and sound during this difficult time. It will help you remain cautious about the surroundings and take proper measures to combat this virus.

A Sentiment Score will be given to every post using the Real-time Machine Learning Model which will help the Reader of the blogs to see which story got which emotions and how much.


PandoConnect: - A social media to share, inspire and fight the pandemic together 🤝


The world is now unanimously fighting an invisible enemy, an enemy that cannot be overpowered with any weapon but by collectively staying away from each other. As of today, the number of active cases globally stands somewhere near 3.5 million and if we consider an average of 2 family members for each active patient then the total is about 10 million. These are the minimum count of people who are going through mental stress right now.


All about the tech

It is built using Ionic, ReactJs, and Firebase with Google Cloud is used for Database, Cloud Storage, and Deployment.

Challenges I ran into

I faced challenges in making the upload image functionality in the blog submission as this was my first time with GCP.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have completed most of the application in 2 weeks. This is the First time I have used Ionic. So, It was a great learning experience.

What's next for PandoConnect

PandoConnect: GitHub Repo.

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